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"the engaging and charismatic George Montague on-stage presence lights up the room. Utilising guitar, ukulele and keys as well as beat box samples, his positivity shines through and translates into powerful and unique songs." Danny Brothers For Folk's Sake

"I love it when you're in the studio...That is incredible, the energy is bounding off you in waves. Sounds bloomin' lovely." - Sticks and Stones acoustic studio session Kate Justice BBC Radio Gloucestershire

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“Montague is obviously a considerable talent, a powerful singer and a more than useful instrumentalist. He’s also got a genuine stage presence, albeit a decidedly wacky one. Mainstream success may beckon… I wouldn’t rule out him headlining the Big Top in the future.” The Jazz Mann: Cheltenham Jazz Festival

“People who have used the phrase ‘tearing the place apart’ haven't heard George Montague who has redefined the term at Wychwood.” Stephen Morris BBC News

“A true instrumentalist… the gift that keeps on giving, that is George Montague.” Sam Bonham BBC Introducing

“It's onwards and upwards for George Montague - I think the sky's the limit. George's music is infectious… a refreshing artist in many ways - his energy, his passion and his talent are one thing but he thrills audiences with his live performances. High octane, there's no other word to describe him.” Kat Orman, BBC Oxford

“George Montague, may contain nuts!” Mike Read BBC Radio Berkshire

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"George Montague is phenomenal live!" Paul Moss BBC Introducing

"Daft, charming and original....Charismatic and talented pianist and songwriter George Montague" Tom Robinson BBC 6Music

"George’s brand of jazz-rock fusion is breathtaking, calling to mind a worthy comparison with Ben Folds Five. There are elements of soul and funk (along with musical allusions to Mika and Billy Joel) and plenty of fun in his songs... People who have used the phrase ‘tearing the place apart’ haven't heard George Montague who has redefined the term... 'Have You Met George' (debut album) is a celebration of life: It is a musical marvel and something of a masterpiece" Stephen Morris BBC News

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George Montague live on stage

Have you met George? This piano-hitting, string-twanging, gravity-defying singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist with over five million views on YouTube, is enthralling a global audience with his exciting live energy and countless contagious original songs. 

“This year’s big hit” at the Henley Festival and playing gigs throughout London and the ‘shires, George performed as ‘Festival on the Move’, the only artist playing seven shows in seven venues across London for the world-renowned EFG London Jazz Festival.

George continues his #notsobigTour playing piano, guitar and ukulele - doing everything from solo shows, including live-sampling his beatboxing and vocal harmonies with a loop station at his fingertips - to playing a grand piano backed by his spectacular six-piece notsobigband: some of the UK’s finest musicians on bass, drums, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and trombone. After entertaining an enthusiastic packed audience in the Jazz Arena at Cheltenham Jazz Festival - George also won Decca Records’ ‘Search for a New Jazz Star’.

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"JAZZ. He's Young, Dynamic, On Fire! I “witnessed” George at the Henley Festival, my ‘pop-up’ Crooked Billet was next to his stage. A thousand Henley-ites went mad; George and his band tore the place apart. Accompanied by bass, drums and saxophone, Montague’s principally piano-based set at the Festival was an explosion of creativity, passion and fun. Lots of passion. Bucketful’s of fun. A formidable talent as composer, multi-instrumentalist and all-round showman.

On the rockier side of jazz, Montague sits somewhere between Michael Bublé, Mika and Jamie Cullum. . . his brand of Funky Swagger is a combination of funk, jazz, rock and pop. There is an extraordinary aura around George during his performances and he admits that he can’t control his excitement for live gigs; full of energy with a pure sense of joy when he plays. 

With 5 million views on YouTube, I bet you dinner for 2 George is a global superstar by this time next year (or at least on Graham Norton)" Paul Clerehugh - Crooked Billet, Henley-on-Thames

"I feel greatly honoured that
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